A.L.M.A. Arts Music Language Alliance

The A.L.M.A. Experience

Our studio was designed with families in mind.

At A.L.M.A. we attract people who love to
play, sing, create and learn
at their own pace and in their own way.

Are you looking for the best teacher?

Our small group language and music lessons are right for you if:


Your child is adventurous.
Learning languages is important to you.
You would like to be a multilingual family.


Your child loves music.
“Family band” sounds enjoyable.
Playing piano or guitar is on your wishlist.


ALMA is…” a very kind and nurturing program, with attentive teachers who are willing to customize the program to fit the needs of the families and students. The work is co-authored—students and teachers working together - a Spanish ‘playdate’ with Ms. Rita!

Sonia V. Parent

“I wanted to play and accompany myself singing, and to be part of the music making world. Now, I feel comfortable enough to sing and play in public. Gingi has a marvelous ability to tailor lessons to my ability, interests and goals. I am inspired to keep growing and enjoying the beauty and fun of music!”

Mary B. Student
A.L.M.A. Arts Music Language Alliance

Arts Language Music Alliance

Founded in 2017 by Rita Cassiano and Gingi Lahera to guide self-expression.
A.L.M.A is an inclusive community, and we value each person for their unique individuality.
Meet Rita & Gingi

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