5 Ways Around the World – Experiential Culture Camp for Caring Kids

Campers at A.L.M.A. explore the “5 Ways Around the World” through the games, art, music, stories, and cuisine of many cultures. Creative and collaborative activities help children understand different communities by building one!

Between projects, play, and plenty of time in nature, kids in our camps go home happy, fulfilled and “good tired.” Our 5 Ways Around the World camp is so fun that the next morning the kids can’t wait to play and create at A.L.M.A. again!

This camp is right for your family if you want:

  • trained teachers
  • a positive encouraging environment 
  • explorations of the arts and cultural diversity
  • your children to come home happy
  • a culminating celebration of achievement
  • easy and convenient enrollment and payment

At A.L.M.A., we work with families who have an inclusive world view.

We are committed to making a world where creativity and compassionate action are ordinary.

Please watch some of the wonderful moments in our Summer Camp