Learn languages while creating

Stop Motion

Please enjoy this stop motion video made by the one and only Rita Cassiano! 

This short movie is not a step by step recipe, but an artistic example of the way we teach at A.L.M.A. We like to think of our school as a temple of creativity and play.

                   We know that with the power of positive intention, the setting of focused goals, and PRACTICE, anything that you can dream, you can achieve.  

When you come to A.L.M.A. you learn in a very fun and creative way.

In Rita’s language classes and Cultural Experiences, most of your multiple intelligences are activated…musical, linguistic, mathematical, visual/spatial, interpersonal, interpersonal…

Her project based work utilizes computer tech, storytelling, puppetry, set building, voice over, cooking, and more!

If you are interested in the recipe for Pão de Queijo, please contact us at: cfi.alma@gmail.com 

And we will send it to you. 🙂

We look forward to hearing your thoughts, and seeing photos of your delicious Pão de Queijo!

* I followed the Fair Use law