About Us

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Our Philosophy

We at A.L.M.A. believe in the unbounded potential of each person. Everyone is born with the innate ability to create, and sharing our gifts and truth is a fundamental human need. Through education in the arts, music, and language, we guide people of all ages to find their courageous self, their compassion for themselves and others, and to approach the changing world with ever-growing confidence. Our teaching practice encourages creative self-expression and enables the development of essential life skills such as innovation, collaboration, self-awareness, active listening, and flexible thinking. These skills foster a positive mindset that encourages us to continue learning throughout our lives, and to support others in their growth.

Our Mission

To build human unity through compassion and courageous creative achievement.

A.L.M.A: Arts, Language and Music Alliance; Our Mission
A.L.M.A: Arts, Language and Music Alliance; Our Vision

Our Vision

Authentic creative expression
Cultural consciousness
Human connection

Our Team

A.L.M.A. — Arts, Language, and Music Alliance – was founded in 2017 by Rita Cassiano and Gingi Lahera to guide people in exploring paths of authentic self-expression through art, language, and music. Our passion is creating connection, and we believe in the unbounded potential of each person. A.L.M.A is an inclusive community, and we value each person for their unique individuality.

Rita Cassiano


A background in theater, choir, and dance prepared Rita Cassiano for her dynamic and engaging approach to teaching World Language. Rita is the Spanish Program Coordinator at a Montessori school in Oak Park where she instructs multiple grade levels using a project-based teaching style that features music, games, and dramatic presentations. Rita has years of experience creating curriculum for all ages, and her passion is finding and meeting the individual learning needs of every student.

Gingi Lahera


While teaching individual and group music lessons for more than a decade in Oak Park, Gingi Lahera has created an innovative approach for teaching music theory. It is structured upon pattern-building and implementing real instruments with concrete materials, and it is developmentally appropriate for a wide age range. Gingi finds the greatest fulfillment in using her student-centric approach to inspire each person to explore their own style of musical creativity.

Jacob - Our Team


Music Instructor

Jacob has been making music with Mrs. Gingi since he was in the 2nd grade! He plays multiple instruments, sings like a dream and has a fantastic sense of humor. He  is a big brother and camp counselor – so he understands children and is a wonderful one-on-one music instructor.

Lucien DeJule Our Team


Music Instructor

Lucien is multi-talented and has years of stage experience as a singer, actor, and musician. His presence, personality and performance abilities make him the perfect choice to teach group lessons in schools.

A.L.M.A Board of Directors

Rita Cassiano – President

Gingi Lahera – Vice President

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