Welcome to our A.L.M.A Community!

A.L.M.A. is Designed
with Families in Mind

Teachers always have a goal – to help students go far and do well – beyond our time together. To reach that goal exploration, play, collaboration and fun are essential!
We hear the stories from concerned parents – so much homework, so many activities, so much pressure. Children are losing their sense of curiosity and willingness to try. Parents are wishing life could be easier.
In our studio, we teach people to be musical and to speak Spanish and Portuguese. The experience is challenging fun for the student – full of songs, games, movement, and art. And we make sure the experience is pleasant and easy for parents.
STudents running - FUN
Language Class


• Your child turns off the screens and makes music instead.
• Your child places into advanced language classes and excels. 
• Your child and their friends schedule musical playdates.
• Your child speaks Spanish effortlessly while visiting Spain (or Pilsen).
• Your family band performs to rave reviews at the next gathering.
• You understand the Portuguese lyrics when you listen to Bossa Nova.
A.L.M.A. will help you reach your goals – and we will all have so much fun!

Would You Like to Meet the Teachers?

Welcome! We are Rita and Gingi, teachers and creative directors at A.L.M.A. 
We started this institute for people like us – open minded, hopeful, and excited about learning and growing. 
What we love most about teaching are the moments when our students realize – 
• They are creative
• They are courageous
• They are willing to keep trying
• They are learning from their mistakes
• They are understanding
• They are laughing, playing and having fun!
We are proud and happy to know that our students achieve success in their own way and time!

A.L.M.A. is…” a very kind and nurturing program - a Spanish ‘playdate’ with Ms. Rita!”

Sonia Parent

As a beginner-level adult guitar student, I feel so privileged to be learning from not only a well-rounded music instructor (who has a depth of knowledge in music theory, education and application), but also an experienced and talented musician and performer. Gingi has this marvelous ability and willingness  to creatively tailor lessons to a student's ability level, interests and goals (e.g. I want to know, not only how to play certain songs on the guitar, but how to make them work with my voice, style and capabilities; so my lessons include trying several different approaches to find the one that fits.) With all of this added to her very evident love of music and (even more evident) love for others, I find that my lessons with Gingi inspire me to keep growing and enjoying more and more the beauty and fun of music!

Mary B Music Student

Our Philosophy

Everyone is born with the ability to create, and to share our gifts is a human need. 
Through music and language we encourage self-expression and essential life skills
• innovation
• self-awareness 
• active listening
• perspective-taking
• empathy
• flexible thinking
These skills foster a positive mindset inviting us to grow, and to support others in their growth.

Our Mission

To build unity through compassion and creativity.

Our Vision

Authentic creative expression  
Cultural consciousness
Human connection