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Our classes are exceptional. In addition to our many years of formal training and professional performance experience, we also hold degrees in education which enable us to follow the student and provide a more personalized approach to enhance the central curriculum. We are capable of teaching art, language, and music individually, or to create any combination of the three to transform cross-curricular learning.


Music is innate and instinctive. It applies all of our faculties and touches us mentally, physically, and emotionally. Existing within all domains of the human experience, our instructors know that music is a transformative technology. Our classes don’t just teach music; they teach the power of music.

A.L.M.A. Arts, Language and Music Alliance; Classes
A.L.M.A. Arts, Language and Music Alliance; Classes


Anyone can learn a language, at any age. In our program, students acquire their target language in the most natural way possible – through play, participation, and performance. Our program features specifically designed materials that include interactive games, music, dance, fine arts, storytelling, and celebrations.

Adult Spanish & Portuguese classes coming soon!


Our ideas about what art is and how it is made are open-ended and ever-evolving. To us, “art” encompasses all forms of creative activity. From baking to pottery, and everything in between, we are happy to guide you in discovering your artistic passions. We are still developing our arts program. Let us know what programs you’re interested in!

A.L.M.A. Arts, Language and Music Alliance; Classes