A.L.M.A – Arts, Language and Music Alliance

Language and Culture Classes for All Ages

Spanish and Portuguese
Language Classes - ALMA Oak Park

Language Playground

How do children learn to speak? We listen and “play” with words to build 
our vocabulary as we interact with others. Only then do we learn to read and write.
At A.L.M.A. our students learn language in the most natural and fun way possible. 
We explore language as we do the world –  with our senses
We dance, we draw, we eat, we rest, we play, we laugh
and all the while we’re learning to speak Spanish or Portuguese or BOTH!

A.L.M.A. is…” a very kind and nurturing program - a Spanish ‘playdate’ with Ms. Rita!”

Sonia Parent
ALMA: Why do you want your child to learn another language?
Mom: Early exposure to more than one language is important for brain development. Starting earlier makes that easier.  It also opens up perspective about the world, other people, and cultures. That is important for understanding yourself in a larger context as you get older.
ALMA: What goals do you have?
Mom: I want my daughter to feel comfortable using Spanish in a forum other than Spanish class with Ms. Rita. I’d like her self confidence with the language and understanding to grow together.
ALMA: What would you do to get the outcome you envision?
Mom: Continue with classes, travel to Spanish speaking places, learn more Spanish myself and speak it with her.

Adult Classes

Language is culture in motion – our most important link to the world.

Speaking another language is taking our place in the human community. 

5 Benefits of World Language learning:
• Richer interpersonal communication.
Stronger memory abilities.
Flexible minds – divergent and convergent thought.
Open-minds – understanding different perspectives.
Knowing a 2nd or 3rd language!