A.L.M.A – Arts, Language and Music Alliance

Music Classes for All Ages

Individual and Group lessons

Musical Playground

Did you have music classes when you were a child? Remember wishing that you could be playing with your friends instead of being in a lesson? 
Traditional lessons are often not very much fun because they focus on reading music
Students are not invited to experiment, play many instruments, or make music with friends.
It is you, a teacher, an instrument, and a BOOK.

Music is a Language

How do children learn to speak?
We listen and “play” with words to build our vocabulary as we interact with others.
Only after this do we learn to read and write.
In the Musical Playground your child will become musical
* Listening  *Improvising *“Speaking” Music.
By the time students are reading and writing music, they are already fluent!

Simply Music

A breakthrough approach to playing piano


Your child loves to play songs they’ve learned for  family and friends.
Your child sings and plays music they composed.
Your child sits down at the piano to play for the fun of it!
Simply Music is a unique multi-sensory playing-based method. Students learn to play great-sounding music from their very first lessons.
4 reasons why Simply Music has proven to be a breakthrough piano method 
1. Quantity of music learned
2. Quality of that music
3. Speed at which our students lear
4. Ease with which they learn
Simply Music is right for you if you want to learn to play piano in a fun and easy way.

Simply Music

“The only type of music lessons I had in the past were piano lessons - regimented and strict. A.L.M.A. was completely the opposite. It was amazing how much freedom we were given and the amount of stuff that we learned! My group picked up the basics of music theory quickly. Soon we were playing lots of songs and planning our next recital. We were productive on the days when we needed to be, and yet still allowed to make fun music and relax.”

Lucien Student

Adult Lessons

Do you have a secret dream to play piano and guitar? To sing?
At A.L.M.A. it is never too late.
We promise that you can:
• Learn to play many instruments
Sing in tune
Understand music theory
• Play in a band
• Read music
• Teach others to play
Keep a promise to yourself!
Make your dream come true! 
Learn to play music!

Family Band

Imagine your family playing music together…
• At the beach
• At parties
• At weddings
• At graduations
• At the farmer’s market
• At open mic nights!
A.L.M.A. can teach your family how to live in harmony!

“I wanted to play and accompany myself singing, and to be part of the music making world. Now, I feel comfortable enough to sing and play in public. Gingi has a marvelous ability to tailor lessons to my ability, interests and goals. I am inspired to keep growing and enjoying the beauty and fun of music!”

Mary B. Student


is innate and instinctive.
It is one of our earliest joys, touching our minds and emotions. No wonder so many people want to feel free making music.
At A.L.M.A. we know that it is never too soon and never too late to be more musical. 
You can:
• Play many instruments
• Sing your favorite songs
• Learn to read music
• Write your own compositions
And have so much fun making music with others!